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Pacific Punch Picks for Holiday Movie and Book are out!

2011-12-24 by Lindsay Taub

The Punch Picks for Holiday Movie and Book are out! Here’s why:

Hugo: A Love Song to the Magic of Film

It’s been a busy few months and while I love escaping into the world of film, I haven’t made the time to actually check any out in months! Until last night… I went with a friend to see “Hugo.” We ventured to the Americana, Glendale’s version of LA’s popular outdoor shopping venue, The Grove, where I was delighted to see “snow” falling from the rooftops along the street to the theatre. The child in me was immediately full of holiday joy as the flakes of soap — yes, soap! — dotted my coat and hair in what will be the closest thing to snow I will experience this December in LA. True to Los Angeles, we even have fake snow for show!

All I knew of the film was that it was famed director Martin Scorsese’s latest, and his first foray into the world of 3-D filmmaking. Again, putting on the 3-D glasses brought out the geek chic inner child as I watched in awe at the fantastical, magical world created in this adventurous tale of a young orphan in Paris who seeks the answer to a mystery left behind by his late father (played by the delicious Jude Law in an all-too-brief cameo).

When the train station inspector appeared smack dab in our faces – the 3D takes a little getting used to – I whispered to my movie companion, “Is that Borat?” Yes, indeed, Sacha Baron Cohen has gotten out of his toilet humor mode to play a delightful character who is at once infuriating, comical, and charming. Have to admit – the actor has talent, timing, and appeal, and I’m a fan.

As the movie continued, I fell in love with the characters — the intriguing and complex Papa Georges, played by Ben Kingsley, the effervescent young Isabelle played by Chloe Grace Moretz, the captivating Mama Jeanne played by Helen McCrory, and of course, the film’s namesake Hugo Cabret, played by the young Asa Butterfield, who showed more complex emotion in his eyes than most seasoned actors can only dream of.

Truly, I was taken on a journey in a world created by Brian Selznick’s New York Times bestseller “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” and brought to life on the big screen with the help of screenplay writer John Logan and the magic of Scorsese’s directing and producing. In many ways the story to me was a love song about the magic of film, and the precious gift of having a purpose in life. Ultimately, in the film (and book, I presume – I haven’t read it…) that purpose comes full circle to give meaning for not just the one seeking, but for all those around him. What a beautiful message, not just at the holidays, but every day.

For those who will be venturing out to the movies this weekend, this is one I highly recommend, which is why we made it the Punch Pick for Holiday Movie.

Here’s the trailer:

*As a side, I learned while watching the previews that the epic “Titanic” will be coming out in 3D this April. This is one romantic who will be first in line to see Leo and Kate on the helm of the ship, their arms outstretched, with Celine Dion belting out the love song of the decade in 3D. Yes, please! Bring it! I’ll never let go, Jack.

ROAM for the Holidays

On to book… We seem to have a theme going here. Journey, adventure, life coming full circle. “ROAM” is the story of a three-legged dog who gets lost on an adventure, all in the name of finding home. They say you never forget your first love…and in ROAM, Nelson is no different.

The lessons are far-reaching and it’s a story not just for pet-lovers, but for families and all people seeking, searching, and desiring to “come home.” It’s an homage to the ways we get lost in life, side-tracked, and ultimately make our way home, to wherever and with whomever that may be. Now that’s holiday cheer to which we can all toast!

“ROAM” is the debut novel from platinum-selling musician/composer Alan Lazar, who also wrote seven original piano pieces to accompany the novel.  They can be accessed through Microsoft tags throughout the book, as well as through his website.

Read more about ROAM as our Punch Pick for Holiday Book here.

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